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Máy phát chức năng - GW Instek GFG-8020H
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Máy phát chức năng - GW Instek GFG-8020H

Mã : GFG-8020H | Thương hiệu : GW Instek

GW Instek GFG-8020H Function Generator delivers one of the most economic and feature rich solutions available in the 2MHz frequency range. The GFG-8020H offers extra value with CMOS output, a built-in 4-digit counter, Coarse and Fine tuning with a 1000 : 1 Tuning Range, and a digital LED display. Combined with functions such as Variable DC Offset Control, Output Overload Protection, and VCF input, the GFG-8020H is suitable for the most demanding budgets in education or instrument testing. 



  • Frequency Range : 0.2Hz ~ 2MHz
  • Coarse and Fine Tuning
  • Waveform : Sine, Triangle, Square, TTL Pulse
  • CMOS Output
  • Built-In 4 Digit Counter (INT Only)
  • Large 0.5" LED Display
  • Variable DC Offset Control
  • Output Overload Protection
  • VCF Input Function
Chuyên cung cấp thiết bị đo lường, thử nghiệm, dụng cụ cầm tay,...
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