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Máy đo Milliohm - Hioki 3540
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Máy đo Milliohm - Hioki 3540

Mã : 3540 | Thương hiệu : Hioki

Hioki 3540 Milliohm HiTester is an four-terminal method tester designed to accurately measure the coil resistance in motors and transformers, the contact resistance of relays, switches and connectors, and the trace resistance on printed circuit boards.


For more advanced system integration capabilities, select model
Hioki 3540-01: for a built-in BCD output interface providing for external control
Hioki 3540-02: to output measurement results to a printer

Hioki 3540-03: to add PC compatibility via a built-in RS-232C



  • Comparator function stores up to seven tables
  • Dual comparator modes: Hi-Lo compares upper and lower limits, and REF-% compares a range and standard value
  • Fast response of about 100 ms (measuring pure resistance: actual response depends on material under test)
  • Temperature compensation function measures temperature and calculates value relative to copper at 20˚C/68˚F
  • 4-terminal method eliminates the effects of leads and contact resistance
  • Auto-ranging function
  • Dual power system: batteries or AC adapter
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