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Bộ điều hợp sợi quang-Megger SCT SMA & MMA

Mã : SCT-MMA & SCT-SMA | Thương hiệu : Megger

As the number of fiber optic links in the network increases it’s essential that your certification tester seamlessly certifies both copper and fiber, efficiently combining all media results together for analysis and reporting. The Megger SCT-MMA & SCT-SMA Fiber Optic Adapters fulfill this need by converting the SCT into a fully compliant Tier 1 multimode and singlemode fiber optic certification tester. Now you can confidently certify all of your copper and fiber optic links with the snap of an adapter.


The SCT fiber optic solution offers powerful capability and features including length measurement, two-fiber, dual-wavelength loss measurements, single and bi-directional fiber measurements, power meter mode, light source mode, Fiber-Map and visual fault locator (VFL) capability. The SCT Autotest differs from other units by returning a length measurement and four loss measurements when testing dual fibers.


Fully Compliant Tier 1 Certification

The SCT fiber optic adapters create a fully Tier 1 compliant testing solution measuring length, loss, and polarity.


The SCT also differs from some units by performing bi-directional testing on two fibers at two wavelengths without exchanging the Primary and Secondary units.


Testing Fiber and Copper is a Snap

Fiber optic and copper certification is a snap with the SCT. Switching between copper and fiber certification is faster and more reliable than any other solution, simply snap in an adapter. Only the SCT allows the user to create dual media projects that store all necessary copper and fiber optic certification parameters in one project. With dual media projects and the ability to automatically recognize copper and fiber optic adapters the SCT can seamlessly switch between copper and fiber optic testing and project parameters with the snap of an adapter.


Visual Fault Locator

The SCT fiber optic adapters include a visual fault locator (VFL) as an easy to use troubleshooting tool. The VFL can locate and visibly identify faults on fiber optic cables. The VFL features a 635-nm visible red laser source. The presence of the VFL’s red light indicates a trouble spot in the fiber such as a break or sharp bend. The VFL can be used with either multimode or singlemode fiber. The VFL creates a continuous or modulated light source powerful enough to escape from sharp bends and breaks in jacketed or bare fiber as well as poorly mated connectors, making it ideal for locating trouble spots in jumper cables, distribution frames, splice strays, patch panels, cable splice points and for tracing fiber runs.



  • Certify singlemode and multimode fiber optic links at 850, 1300, 1310 and 1550 nm wavelengths
  • Provide fully compliant Tier 1 Certification
  • Capabilities include length, loss and power measurements, power meter and light source
  • Perform bi-directional testing without swapping primary and secondary units
  • Integrated VFL for diagnosing link problems
  • Most intuitive and easy to operate fiber optic certification tester on the market
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