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Mã : UV Corona Camera | Thương hiệu : OFIL

Ofil is the inventor and worldwide leader of daytime UV technology inspection. Ofil offers the lowest cost of entry to the daytime corona inspection world, and serves a wide range of applications in various market segments. Ofil holds an ISO certificate and its cameras are tested and certified by international testing laboratories. Ofils DayCor® product family provides solutions for maintenance in the electrical utility industry and petrochemical industries. Superb-OD & Superb-XD are portable handheld daytime corona and arcing recording cameras. Superb models are robust solar blind bi-spectral UV-Visible imagers with high sensitivity to surface partial discharges that differ in their display unit. Either model detect ultraviolet emission in full daylight with high signal to background ratio, from far-off and nearby sources, and is considered as the most effective workhorse. Superb cameras are used for nondestructive testing (NDT), inspecting & monitoring high and medium voltage apparatuses.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications Description
Discharge Detection

1pC @10m (RWE certified : IEC 60270:2000)

RIV Sensitivity

7.7 dBµV @ 1 MHz @10m (RWE certifiead: NEMA 107-1987)

Image Mode

Combine (UV&Visible), UV Only, visible only

UV Sensitivity

1.5x10 -18 watt/cm2

Spectral Range


Storage Media

Memory flash card

Focus Range

3m -infinity (0.5m with close up lens)

Rapid Visible Zoom

18 optical x12 digital

Battery Type

Rechargable Battery ; 2.5 hours


5" color sun readable TFT LCD ( 800x480 pixels)

Min Visible Light Sensitivity

0.1 Lux


IP 54 Certified


450 cd/m2 reflective, adjustable

Dimension (LxWxH)

23x18x16.5 cm // 3.3Kg

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